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Unless you are very new to the world of online casinos, you are probably familiar with the types of roulette online bonus offerings on real money games. Almost all gambling sites are willing (happily, in fact) to give new players free money in roulette bonuses in an effort to gain their action. Of course, nothing is ever totally free, and there are generally rules and requirements that go along with these roulette online bonus offers. You would also be right to expect that the various terms and conditions will vary from site to site. Sometimes, roulette welcome bonuses are treated very differently than bonuses designed to be used for playing slots, or other high negative expectation games.

Before venturing into the world of the online roulette bonus, you need to prepare yourself. By understanding what the casino is trying to accomplish and how to read, interpret and understand the rules and conditions of various roulette online bonuses, you will be able to make a well-informed decision regarding the best casinos (we can help with this decision as well).

Why Roulette Casino Bonuses Are Important:

Many players tend to think of bonuses given out by an online casino to players as free money. Although there are some terms and conditions, this is certainly not a bad way to think of a roulette casino bonus. Almost all casinos will offer their new players at least a bonus on their first deposit. Others will even extend this out to your first two, three, or even four deposits.

The casino is willing to do this because they consider a cash roulette online bonus as a form of marketing. Instead of running ads on radio and TV (although they sometimes do this as well), they feel money can be best spent by simply rewarding their new (and sometimes current) players. To the player, this is very important part of joining any new site. It represents a big advantage that can help them to come out ahead. Of course, this will also require some very intelligent and strong play to use your roulette bonuses correctly. Obviously, the casino is hoping that you will end up staying as a loyal and long-lasting player, pumping more and more cash into their coffers—even if they do end up having to take an initial hit from the first bonus.

All Bonuses Are Not The Same:

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You should always keep in mind that not every roulette bonus is the same. There will be different percentages and different maximum amounts, and a whole slew of conditions. For example, which of the following offers sounds the best to you, without looking into other details:

  • 100% of your first two deposits
  • 50% of your initial deposit

Most people would love to double their initial two deposits and pick the first offer. However, if the casino limits you to only $250 in bonus money on each of those first two deposits with your online roulette bonus, the second offer might actually be worth more free cash to you. Of course, it also depends on how much money you have at your disposal and were looking to invest in your casino play. Roulette online bonuses with huge maximums might be less valuable to you than a more reasonable roulette casino bonus if you are only looking to deposit a small amount of money at a time.

There are also many different types of roulette casino bonuses to consider. The most common is the roulette online bonus as a welcome package, generally given to only new, first time players at a site. This is what people normally think of when they speak about roulette bonuses, or bonuses in general. However, some casinos may even offer a no deposit bonus. In this case, they are going to give you some money just for registering (usually providing your name, address email, and a few other personal details so they can follow up with marketing pitches). Generally, this will be a very small amount, typically not more than $10 or $20, although it can vary.

Other types of roulette online bonuses include cash back offers and even referral bonuses. A cash back roulette casino bonus is really more of an offer, given to a loyal player. Essentially, this is normally a percentage of the cash losses one has incurred during the prior week, month, or some other time period. There can also be referral bonuses, where you have sent your friends or other people who end up making deposits to the site. You would be rewarded without either a flat bonus payment, or a smaller percentage of the new players' deposits.

Re-up deposit roulette bonuses are another nice way to get some potential free cash. In this case, you have made your initial deposit(s) and already received your bonus money. Now, you are looking to make another deposit. Some casinos do have a program where they give these cash infusions a smaller bonus as well. A word of warning here—not many casinos even offer this, and if they do it will be MUCH less than you had for the initial sign up bonus period.

Roulette Bonuses Differ From Slot Bonuses:

Another thing that is a concern when dealing with an online roulette bonus is how they are treated. Many casinos are very worried themselves about giving away too much in bonuses and then having players simply play a few games and cash out. Also, they understand very keenly the fact that their advantage differs significantly on various types of games.

For this reason, many online casinos make some serious and potentially detrimental distinctions and rules between bonuses designated for slot play (for example) and those to be used for roulette games. The problem, as they see it, is a player using slots is going to give a lot of action and they will have their built in advantage to grind them (the players) down and eventually win back all of their bonus money.

With roulette most casinos are afraid of players doing things like making opposing bets. An example of this would be wagering $10 on red and another $10 on black. Do this enough times and you would end up meeting the wagering requirements needed to cash out your bonus, putting yourself at a very limited risk. The casinos never want to be put into a position where they are taking the risk and you are not. Therefore, they tend to do things like limit the amount of wagers on games like roulette that will count towards your wagering requirements. In some casinos, this can be as low as 10%. In some places, outside wagers don't count at all.

Just as an aside, for those of you not familiar with wagering requirements, this is an amount of action the casino insists you give them before allowing you to cash out any part of your roulette online bonus money. This is usually expressed as a multiple of either your bonus or your bonus plus deposit. So, a wagering requirement of 35 X B + D means you need to make total combined wagers of 35 times the amount of your bonus plus deposit.

Best Bonus Sites To Play:

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With all of this talk about really needing to go in and understand the rules, terms, and requirements of your bonus, you might be thinking it is a difficult and time-consuming process to find an online casino with a “good” bonus structure. You would be correct. However, there is no need to fear, since we have done the legwork for you...and found the best online casino bonus sites for you. Just take a look at our approved list and get started with your best online roulette bonus.