Roulette Online Games

The Internet has thousands of online casinos and, with so many choices, it's no surprise that there are a lot of online roulette games to choose from. But long before anyone could even consider a digital option, in the nineteenth century, we started to see the earliest roulette games take form and spread to every corner of the world. Read on as we look at these early roulette varieties and then we'll show you which options are the best for players in the modern world!

A Brief History of Roulette Games

In eighteenth century France, long before the rise of online roulette games, roulette came about as a fusion of a variety of European games of chance. Early roulette games used wheels with two pockets favoring the house (0 and 00) and, in a matter of a few short years these pockets adopted their modern green color to prevent confusion. Owing much to its simplicity and thrill, roulette spread over much of Europe and the USA in the 1800's, with Monte Carlo becoming the unofficial Mecca of roulette after German gambling prohibition in 1860. Around this time, casinos around the globe began to take sides when roulette broke into two varieties.

A Historic Split in Roulette Games

With the establishment of Monte Carlo, most European casinos made a move to single-zero roulette games to entice new players, but American casinos resisted the switch. Having said that, gambling operators in the Mississippi region did make advances in the design of their roulette tables in order to make them simpler and easier to use than the traditional French variety. Today, casinos around the world have largely adopted a "best of both worlds" approach by making single-zero roulette games available, but taking advantage of the streamlined American tables. Both varieties can be found in Europe, the USA, and other parts of the world for that matter! Whether you're playing in Europe, America, Australia, or even online, just remember that the single-zero wheels give you the best chance to win.

Play for Free or for Real Money

Online casinos give you the option of playing for free and playing for real money, and we think that each of these choices has a valuable place in your online roulette games. First of all, playing for free is immediately appealing. You don't risk anything and you don't have to share your personal banking information with anybody. The only downside is that you can't win anything either. We'd recommend that you start playing online roulette games for free to learn the ropes, test new casinos, and get comfortable. Then, when you know that you can trust your casino, switch to real money play to have a chance to win big!

Best Sites for Online Roulette Games

Our Australian reviewers were given the task of looking for the world's top online roulette games, and the sites that they found are truly diamonds in the rough. Each of the casinos listed on this page offers premium roulette online games to Australian players like you and it is completely legal to play with them! Start for free and, if you like what you see, you can always upgrade to real money play with just a moment's notice!