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Roulette, or the devil's game as it's sometimes known, is gambling opportunity like no other. Offering a myriad of betting options for punters of all persuasions, roulette is a great way to make money in the online casino world, regardless of how skilled you are.

The main reason roulette online has become popular with aspiring gamblers and seasoned pros alike is the range of wagers on the board. In fact, roulette might be known as the devil's game on account of the numbers in play adding up to 666, but that doesn't mean you need to confine your bets to the inside of the board.

Although single numbers offer a return of 35:1, the likelihood of these dropping in is relatively low compared to an outside bet such as red/black or odd/even. Having the option to adopt various strategies, such as one that has a higher risk/reward or a more steady style is probably roulette's most appealing property.

However, before you starting spinning the wheel of fortune in search of riches, you'll need to have an understanding of the game's words and phrases. Fortunately, for your convenience, we've compiled a glossary of common roulette terms you'll encounter inside one of our Australian online casinos.

Talk the Talk: A Glossary of Popular Roulette Terms:

Talk the Talk - Rouletteonline.com.au

Action Player –A player that consistently makes large bets.

American Roulette – A roulette board that contains a double zero (00) in addition to a single zero (0) creating a game with 38 numbers. Different to European Roulette.

Ante- Sometimes known as a bet. The amount wagered on a single roulette spin.

Backtrack – Also known as the ball-track. This is the rim outside of the wheel where the ball is spun.

Bankroll – The money a gambler has to play roulette with. This is kept separate from a player's bank balance.

Ball - A small spherical object that spins around the wheel. Roulette balls have standard dimensions and are usually made of heavy plastic in a live casino.

Biased Wheel – In a live casino setting a slight imperfection on wheel can cause certain numbers or areas of the board to roll in more often than they should.

Black Bet - An outside bet that provides the player with a 1:1 return on their stake if the ball lands on a black number. Opposite to a Red Bet.

Bonus - An added incentive given out by an online casino for playing roulette. Bonuses often come in the form of free cash or bets. Similar to comps.

Cancellation Betting System –A betting system that cancels numbers from a predefined selection after winning a wager and adds numbers after losing a wager. Similar to the LaBouchere System.

Casino Advantage – Sometimes known as the casino's edge. This takes into account how often an Australian casino will win compared to the player.

Chasing Losses – Trying to win back the money you have lost. Often caused by getting emotional (see tilt).

Choppy Game – A game of online roulette where the player and the dealer are evenly matched in terms of wins and losses.

Cold Table – Superstitious gamblers will often refer to a table as "cold" if the dealer is winning more than average.

Column Bet – A bet that is placed on the columns of 12 numbers. Offers a payout of 2:1.

Combination Bet – A bet that encompasses two or more numbers.

Comp – These are free gifts given out by live casinos. The online equivalent in the online casino world is known as a bonus.

Corner bet – A single bet placed in the middle of four numbers. Offers a payout of 8:1.

D'Alembert Betting System – A betting system in which a player increases their bet by one unit after a loss and decreases them by one unit after a win.

Double Up System of Betting – This roulette betting system requires the player to increase their bet by two units after a loss in order to recoup the loss of the previous bet.

Double Zero Wheel – This is commonly referred to as an American Roulette Wheel.

Dozen Bet – A single outside bet that covers 12 numbers on a third of the board. These bets offer a return of 2:1.

Edge – The advantage an individual has over the game.

Even – A roulette bet that provides the players with a 1:1 return on their wager if the number that lands is even. The Opposite of an Odd Bet.

Fair Game – A game of roulette where the wheel is fair and provides a statistically realistic result. All of our Australian online casinos contain fair games.

Fibonacci Betting System – A roulette betting system where each bet is a combination of the previous numbers that have been hit by the wheel.

Flat Betting – Making the same size bet each time.

French Roulette Wheel – A game with the same wheel as a European roulette wheel.

Grind System – A lesser used roulette betting system where a player's bets increase by one unit after each win.

High Bet – Betting that the next spin will hit between the numbers of 19 and 36.

High Roller – A person that wagers a large amount of money at the roulette table.

Hit and Run - Winning a large amount of money and leaving the table immediately.

Hot Table – A table where the players are winning more than the casino. Opposite to a cold table.

Inside Bet – This is a bet that's placed inside the numbered portion of a roulette board.

Line Bet – A bet that covers six numbers in two rows. The payout for this bet is 5:1.

Low Bet – Betting on a number between 1 and 18 will hit.

Martingale System – A roulette betting system where the player doubles their previous bet following a loss.

Negative Progression – A collective term for any roulette betting system that requires a player to increase their bets after a loss. Opposite to positive progression.

No Action – After a certain amount of time, the dealer will announced the no more action (bets) can take place.

Odd Bet - A roulette bet that provides the players with a 1:1 return on their wager if the number that lands is odd. The opposite of an Even Bet.

Odds – The likelihood of an outcome.

Outside Bets – Bets that are placed outside of the numbered portion of the board. Dozen bets or Red/Black are examples of outside bets. These generally carry a lower return than inside bets.

Parlay – A betting technique that involves doubling bets after a win.

The Pit – The area inside a live casino where games such as roulette take place.

Positive Progression – A collective term used to describe any roulette betting system where a player increases their bets after a win.

Red Bet – An outside bet that provides the player with a 1:1 return on their stake of the ball lands on a red number. Opposite to a Black Bet.

Session – The period of time a player chooses to play for.

Single Zero Wheel – A wheel with a single zero (0). This is most commonly referred to as a European roulette wheel.

Straight Up Bet – A roulette bet on a single number. This bet will payout at 35:1.

Street Bet – A wager that covers three numbers in a row. Also known as a trio bet. The payout for this bet is 11:1.

True Odds – The probability of a certain outcome.

Vig – In a live casino, the house will sometimes take a small percentage of any winning spins. This does not happen at our recommended online casinos.

Wager – The amount a player risks on a single spin. Also known as a bet.

Wheel – The colloquial term for a Roulette Wheel.

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Now we've given you the ability to talk the talk, it's time to walk the walk by joining one of our recommended Aussie casino sites. Through a careful selection process involving in-depth reviews by our expert players, we've found the best places to play roulette in Australia.

Using the glossary of terms we've listed in this article, you should now have enough knowledge to begin your journey from small stakes spinner to a roulette high roller.