10 Reasons Why Roulette Online Is Better Than Live

We love lists here at RouletteOnline.com.au. After all, we're like you: Aussies who don't want to spend hours reading through pages and pages of instructions and recommendations. Just give us a quick top 10 and get us to the roulette games pronto!

So, to make things a little easier for you, here are our top reasons on why playing roulette online at home is so great, and why live roulette can be saved for James Bond and the tourists. Throw off the tux and enjoy!

1) Enjoy Great Welcome Bonuses

Great Welcome Bonuses - Rouletteonline.com.au

Live casinos may offer you a few comps and some free cold ones, but they're hardly going to set the world on fire, particularly if you're only making a flying visit. One of the best reasons to play roulette online in Australia is the attractive welcome bonuses on offer for internet players.

There are so many online casinos on the net, and each one is desperate for your business. Make them pay for your custom by hunting out the best deposit bonuses; better still, let us do the hunting for you! If you do your research you can easily find bonuses around the $1,000 mark and up - that's money coming straight back to you if you put in the time and play.

2) More Play, More Choice

More Choices - Rouletteonline.com.au

Live casinos generally stick to the tried and tested traditional roulette games - European and American roulette. Other than the addition of an extra number - the 00 - and the different house edge it results in, there's little difference between the two games. That's all fine if you're happy with those old-school variations, but surely there's more around for the hardcore Aussie roulette nut?

Well, luckily, online roulette doesn't suffer from maximising floor-space or pleasing the old-school. Just as online poker has a ton of variations to play, so does online roulette. In fact, if there's a roulette variant invented, chances are your online casino hosts it. American or European? They're there, of course.

Maybe you fancy playing more than one wheel at once - that's where Multi-Wheel roulette comes in, a unique online game that allows you to play up to eight wheels at once. And what about Spingo - a bizarre mash-up of Bingo and Roulette?

Yep, online casinos offer that variant too. Online roulette offers loads more games, and loads more chances to win!

3) You Can Play On Your Mobile Phone

Play On Your Mobile - Rouletteonline.com.au

Q: What's better than playing online roulette?

A: Playing online roulette on your smartphone or tablet.

With advances in technology, Aussies can now play their favourite online roulette games on their phones while on the go. That's right; you can download a casino client onto your iPad or Android device and get going straight away, or play via a web browser.

It makes playing online roulette even more convenient. Driving miles to a land-based casino is a thing of the past now that you can play on the train, at work (don't tell the boss), or in the library, simply by turning on the phone and logging on.

4) Lower Your Limits

Lower Your Limites - Rouletteonline.com.au

Visiting a land-based casino in Australia can be exciting: dress up, make a night of it, rub shoulders with the rich gamblers. That's until you get in and baulk at the limits on the few roulette tables the casino has. Suddenly you're gulping at that '$10 minimum limit' sign and counting the dollars to see if you can even afford a beer.

Luckily, online roulette doesn't suffer the same problems as its live-action cousin: online casinos offer dozens of online roulette variants with every limit you can imagine. Whether you're a 10c player or a $50 a spin player, your Australian online casino should cater for you.

5) Loyal Customers Are Treated Well

Loyal Customers - Rouletteonline.com.au

You'll hear plenty about welcome bonuses on Aussie online casinos, and it's no wonder - online casinos tempt you in with healthy first-time deposit bonuses so they can hook you in. After all, it's a competitive market out there, and every casino is after your valuable business.

But let's say you've been playing roulette online for a few months on a particular online casino. What's in it for you for giving the site all your business? Luckily, many online casinos for Australians offer you regular promos and deals designed to keep you playing.

Whether it's a money-back scheme or VIP rewards program for long-serving customers, casinos will always offer the loyal player something extra. It's true, some land-based casinos reward regular play, but is it really as good as what your online casino is giving you?

6) Play Online Roulette - Day Or Night!

Day Or Night - Rouletteonline.com.au

While some land-based casinos in Australia suffer from restricted opening hours - unless you're in a 24-hour joint - online casinos don't have to suffer that fate. Online casinos are open for business 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

They don't close roulette tables because the dealer got sick or if there is a power cut; if you want to play online roulette you can get out the laptop any time you want and play for five minutes, half an hour, a whole day.

There's no travelling involved either; leave the car keys on the sideboard and enjoy your very own casino at home!

7) There Are No Other Players To Distract You

No Distractions - Rouletteonline.com.au

Ever been to a live casino and tried to get your chips down on No. 36, only to be barged by that bloke who's desperately trying to get $500 on Red, Black, every column AND the 0? It sucks, and it's not fun.

Well, with online roulette there's no jostling for space with your fellow punters, and no drunk guys bumping into you as they put their bet down, spilling their beer all over your best shoes.

With online roulette it's just you in the comfort of your own front room, betting at leisure. You heard it here first - your front room is the best casino in town!

8) No One Is There To See When You Make A Mistake

No Mistakes - Rouletteonline.com.au

Live casinos go so far back in history, they've built up an aura, a mystique, about them, that can sometimes frighten off newbies. There's also a strict set of rules attached to betting on most casino games, including roulette, and if you haven't played live much it can take time to work out what to do.

No one wants to look like an idiot if they mess up at the table - there will probably be someone much more experienced than you sitting there - and you don't want to disrupt the flow of the game. Everyone's had a story about putting their bets down while the ball is coming to a stop, or placing their chips in completely the wrong place, or laying your money down on the table in the wrong way.

Live casinos can be intimidating places for all kinds of reasons, and that's why an online experience is so much more chilled. The computer does everything for you - just click the right buttons and you'll be making correct plays in no time. And if you do make a mistake online, no one is there to look down their nose at you.

9) Relax And Say, 'Put On The Tunes!'

Put On The Tunes - Rouletteonline.com.au

Australian land-based casinos have a great atmosphere - they're glamourous, smart, and everyone's making an occasion out of it. But they can also be stuffy, intimidating and a bit suffocating. What's more, unless you've brought your iPod, you might be sitting there all night listening to some loudmouth from the city announcing every single bet.

Who wants that? With online roulette, you can kick back at home, put on your own music, fetch drinks and food from the kitchen, and make the experience completely personal. And let's be honest - when was the last time you heard thrash metal being played in a live casino?

10) Leave The Dress Code At Home

Dress Code - Rouletteonline.com.au

How many times have you set foot in a live casino, only to be asked to leave because you're wearing shorts or those $200 sneakers you've bought aren't 'smart' enough? While some Aussie casinos don't have dress codes, many do, and it can be a real pain if you just want to come in and have a few spins on your favourite roulette tables.

That's another great thing about playing on your PC or laptop at home - there's no dress code! Whether you enjoy playing in your pyjamas, your best party suit, or just your birthday suit (trust us, it's very liberating) you can be as scruffy or as smart as you want, and there's no miserable doorman to kick you out.